Welcome to the LBTA at Lyttos Beach & Lyttos Mare


Lyttos Beach Tennis Academy is one of the most modern sports infrastructures in Europe.
It is the ideal tennis destination

Are you planning a tennis holiday? We look forward to having you and assisting with your sporting plans.

We have 4 padel courts and a total of 21 tennis courts:
- 12 hybrid clay (sand),
- 9 acrylic (hard).


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Whether you come for tennis camp with your club or to prepare for the season with your team, all our knowledge and experience are at your disposal.

We offer training camps for club players, club teams, young tennis talents, and of course, active tournament players.

Groups can come with their own coaches and use our facilities according to their needs.

If coaches are needed to complement your team, our professionals are always available.


At LBTA, we help you understand your game, recognize your strengths and use them efficiently. All trainings are adequately tailored to the players, thus preserving the individuality of the athlete and helping you reach your full potential. We teach you how to work hard, better deal with stress and how to strengthen emotional and physical balance.

With our team you will learn how to actively shape your game. This includes early anticipation, correct reactions, properly game strategies and increasing your physical and mental strength. Furthermore, you will gain confidence and self-esteem on the court and improve your overall performance as a tennis player.

We offer over 30 years of coaching experience in professional tennis and a team of top coaches.

"Success is not a gift"


Basic training develops fundamental tennis techniques. Players´ weaknesses are recognized and improved upon, preventing their reoccurrence. This provides the foundational elements needed for future development.

This elementary training focuses on correct body movement and positioning. Our coaches make the necessary mechanical corrections, enabling players to use the acquired techniques more efficiently.


Advanced training develops comprehensive tennis techniques. This emphasis improved motor skills, clean movements, footwork, coordination and timing. With this, reaction speed and stroke frequency will improve.

We combine technique with tactics, so the player learns to use strengths more effectively in basic game situations.


Pro training perfects the players´ situation within the game.
The players´ character and skills are taken into account during this training, creating an experience tailored to both the player as an individual and as an athlete.

We promote efficient ball striking, with consistency, control, direction, spin and power.



We would like to briefly introduce ourselves

My name is George Ploumis. For more than 30 years I have been coaching tennis players,  from young talents to tennis professionals (WTA, ATP, ITF, Club and League players). I bring these decades of experience to the everyday operations at LBTA.

Mara, Piotr, Alex, and I look forward to welcoming you and supporting you with all our tennis knowledge.



The Academy is located approx. 20 km from the airport of "Heraklion", with an arrival time of less than 25 minutes.


Driving 25 km west from Hersonissos, you will find the capital of the island, Heraklion. This modern city combines museums, Venetian and ancient monuments, a beautiful market and small squares full of cafes and restaurants. The Venetian fortress of Koules shapes the port of Heraklion with its presence. For guests who wish to visit the largest ancient palace of the Minoan era, Knossos of King Minos is just a short drive or bus ride from the city center


Hersonnisos is one of the most popular vacation destinations in Crete. Countless cafes, stores and restaurants create a unique cosmopolitan mosaic! In the evening the center turns into a lively and vibrant town. The old village of Hersonissos as well as the villages of Koutouloufari and Episkopiano offer panoramic views over the port of Hersonissos. The hotel is located only 2.5 km from the center of Hersonissos.



GR - 70014 Hersonissos, Crete Greece

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